Flexitech Bending Machine F16FRS

Flexitech Bending Machine F16FRS

Applicable Material:

Flat Aluminum & Aluminum Profile 

Model Interpretation:

•    Rolling -type continuous feeding  System
•    Single blade  bending system
•    Milling cutter double side arbitrary Angle slotting System.






Key Advantages:

* Servo single Blade bending system, bending edge with steel structure can achieve a variety of aluminum profile processing. The bending system is driven by a servo motor, which makes the bending fast and accurate, and has strong load resistance.
* Milling Cutter double side slotting system for the processing of aluminum profile makes the finished joints tidy and no leak light.
* Rolling continuous feeding systems achieve continuous feeding response improve feeding efficiency and form a closed-loop system based on the encoder system, so that finished products can be perfectly matched with the source files.

Machine Specification :


Feeding System


Rolling-typed continuous feeding device

Slotting System

 Milling cutter double side arbitrary Angle slotted system

Bending System

The single blade bending system

Suitable Material

Flat Aluminum, Aluminum Profile

Material Height


Material Thickness

Flat Aluminum =1.2mm MAX
Aluminum Profile =1.0mm

Size Accuracy


Input File Format



Machine L1600*W570*H1250MM


AC 220V 50HZ 3.0KW

Air Source



Window 7 32 Bits with PCI slot to install Control Card ( Required)

Total Weight




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