Fiber Laser Cutter GX -1530F

Fiber Laser Cutter GX -1530F

Machine features :

* Industrial welded structure fuselage, rough processing after high-temperature annealing, finishing after secondary vibration aging treatment. cast-aluminum beam: heavy-duty steel die pressure casting ensures the strength, precision, and service life of the machine body

* The imported planetary helical gear reducer, high-precision gear rack, and linear guide ensure stable, high noise, and reliable performance in highspeed operation

With servo drive control, the torque is stronger, the running speed is faster and more stable

* Automatic follow smoke exhaust system, good smoke extraction effect, saving energy.

* Adopting high-quality laser cutting head and laser lens, the focusing spot is smaller, the cutting line is finer, the work efficiency is higher, and the processing quality is better; Whole optical routing fiber transmission, no need for complex mirrors and other light guiding systems, the light path is simple, the structure is stable, and the external light path is maintenance-free.

* Adopted the fiber laser, the electro-optical conversion efficiency is high, the power consumption during operation can be greatly saved, and the running cost is saved; the trimming is less affected by heat, the slit is flat, and generally, no secondary processing is required.

* Professional laser cutting CNC control system with intelligent layout function, simpler operation, and higher efficiency.


Application :

* Widely used in sheet metal processing, kitchen and bathroom, advertising signs, lighting hardware, electrical cabinets, auto parts, machinery and equipment, electrical equipment, aerospace, shipbuilding, elevator manufacturing, rail transit, textile machinery, precision parts, and other metal processing industry.

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