Fiber Laser Cutter For Door Sheet M6

Fiber Laser Cutter For Door Sheet M6

Machine features :

* The GXU M6 series laser cutting machine is a new high-speed dual-drive laser cutting machine independently developed and produced by GXU LASER, which is mainly used for precise positioning and cutting of various facades.

* Compared with other ordinary laser cutting machines on the market, it has easy loading, automatic positioning tooling, automatic drum top plate and drum loading (reducing material surface scratches and effectively improving production efficiency), rapid edge finding and positioning of special-shaped plates, and multi-tasking More functions such as processing.

*GXU M6 series is equipped with a high-precision three-dimensional auto-focusing cutting head, which can realize fast cutting without bumping the board, wider processing range, and more flexible operation for the uneven surface of various special-shaped doors frames.

* Equipped with an operating system, it can realize online drawing import by scanning the QR code, which greatly improves production efficiency.


Application : 

* Widely used in kitchenware and bathroom, advertising signs, lighting hardware, door sheet, electrical cabinets, auto parts, mechanical equipment, electrical equipment, aerospace, shipbuilding, elevator manufacturing, rail transit, textile machinery, precision parts, sheet metal processing And other metal product processing industries.

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