CNC (computer numerical control) Router is a computer-controlled cutting machine. It can be divided into mechanical engraving machine, laser engraving machine and plasma engraving machine. These two types CNC routers cab are both divided into high-power type and low-power type. The power used varies greatly for different materials and thicknesses.

  1. Types of materials.

A CNC router is used for making high precise and complex 2D/3D shapes with routing tools on Wood, Foam, Stone, Metal, MDF, PVC, Plastic and other materials. The most important is that for different materials, you need to choose specific types of CNC routers. For example, if you are carving wood, you must purchase a CNC wood milling cutter. This is because it has a smaller tip and rotates faster than a steel CNC cutter. Therefore, the cutting speed is faster and the damage is minimal.

  1. Application industry

CNC Routers are applied in Woodworking, Sign Making, Custom Millwork, Model Making, Cabinetry, Furniture, Fixtures, Aerospace, Metal Working, Foam Packaging, Mannequin Production, Musical Instrument Manufacturers and so on.

The CNC Router is very powerful. There are several types of CNC routers on the market. It may be difficult to choose the best router among them. You need to compare its price, maintenance cost, power, durability, dust collection, speed and more.

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