Sheet & Tube Fiber Laser Cutter GX-1530G

Sheet & Tube Fiber Laser Cutter GX-1530G

Machine features :

* Sheet metal welding structure machine body: After high-temperature annealing, rough processing is carried out, and secondary vibration is processed after aging treatment; cast aluminum beam: heavy-duty steel die pressure casting ensures the strength, precision, and service life of the machine body.

* The imported planetary helical gear reducer, high-precision gear rack, and linear guide ensure stable, high noise, and reliable performance in highspeed operation.

* With servo drive control, the torque is stronger, the running speed is faster, and more stable 

*  Automatic follow smoke exhaust system, good smoke extraction effect, saving energy

* Adopting high-quality laser cutting head and laser lens, the focusing spot is smaller, the cutting line is finer, the work efficiency is higher, and the processing quality is better.

* Professional laser cutting CNC control system with intelligent layout function, simpler operation, and higher efficiency.

* Fully automatic centering power chuck: guarantees the flatness and feeding accuracy when the long pipe is clamped.

* Professional cutting square tube, round tube, rectangular tube, D-shaped tube, and hexagonal tube, etc., automatic correction function, looking for tube center, intelligent, convenient, and practical. The centralized operation, flexible processing, and clamping are quick and easy.

* Simple and integrated design: small footprint, one machine can cut both plates and tubes, and high-efficiency processing machines.

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